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Welcome to our new blog site! We are very excited to get this started as part of our digital information for parents/carers, young people, funders and partners to be able to keep up to date with all of our activities and services!

Very often we find that our social media is used for promoting the fun things about PAS - as it should be, after all we love to see our young people achieving, developing friendships, increasing in confidence and generally getting up to all sorts of activities in the community. There is another side to what we do at PAS.

Our jobs are always amazing, fulfilling, varied but we regularly are working with young people in crisis. Young people who are working through mental health issues, identity issues, bullying and school issues. This is why we do what we do. This is ultimately why our young people need PAS.

So our fancy new blog site will not only have fun content but you will also hear straight from the staff, young people and their families about the real life of PAS. What is it like to work here? What is it like to work with our young people? What do our young people really want to tell us about their lives? This space will have all of this and more!

Watch the space for our first article!!


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