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Pawz, the PAS Lion - My Story

“As a North East Congo Lion living in Scotland, I have lived quite an isolated life so going into lockdown didn’t affect me too much in March. Over the years, I have become quite good at hiding from people and only coming out of my den when I run out of pasta or toilet paper.

However, I understand this wasn’t the same for everyone. Autistic young people really struggle with a lack of structure and changes to their daily routine. Socialising with their peers can be tricky and specialist support from people like the wonderful team at Perth Autism Support can make a huge difference to their quality of life. This pandemic has made things exceptionally tough for some autistic individuals and a lot of families have felt isolated and overwhelmed.

I heard on the grapevine that the PAS Family Services team had created over 600 resource packs covering subjects such as “Going into Lockdown”, “Wearing Masks”, “Coming out of Lockdown” and “Returning to School”. They had provided additional support to our families who were transitioning from Primary to Secondary School and also Secondary School to College and delivered virtual training to parents and families and a range of organisations over video conferencing.

As well as throwing me the occasional sirloin steak, the Activities Team have been keeping the young people amused with a huge array of online activities including zoom baking, fitness challenges, relaxation & yoga and arts & crafts. They did manage to run a reduced summer activities programme for vulnerable families and those of key workers but this was nowhere near as busy as I normally see from my Den.

I have decided to do “my bit” to say thank you for my dinners and raise some money for PAS.

Thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and his Hunter Foundation, every £1 I raise will receive an additional 50p from him and PAS will be the worthwhile beneficiary.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pockets in my kilt so would be extremely grateful if you would sponsor me to take part in The Big Kiltwalk Weekend and ensure that the children and young people registered with PAS get as much help and support as possible over these coming months.

Together, let’s make this a rrrroooooaaarrrrrrring success (sorry!!)”


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