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My Relax Kids Journey - Maja

My name is Maja Reid and I am the Relax Kids Co-ordinator here at PAS.

I started volunteering in PAS activities what feels like ages ago (6 years!!!), one of the classes that I helped with was a Relax Kids class and I instantly fell in love with the setting and what the class offered to young people.

After each and every class I felt like I was part of something helpful, positive and magical…something important that not only benefits children in the room but all the people involved with it.


When the opportunity came up to become one of the Relax Kids coaches I quickly jumped to it! Not believing that I would be the chosen one but here I was waiting for my training dates…!!!


I was very lucky (and privileged) that I could observe and take part in Relax Kids classes before my training so when I finally got there I was ahead of the game and well experienced in pretending to be a lion, monkey or snake!

I met some lovely people during my 2 day training in Edinburgh and we all shared the same goal – to educate children in how relaxation can help us in everyday life and to provide them with useful tools to manage their emotions and wellbeing.

During the training we practised and did various activities like stretching, breathing and affirmations and had lots of fun playing various positive games that brought lots of laughter and fun to us all and I FELL IN LOVE WITH RELAX KIDS EVEN MORE.


Currently we run 3 Relax Kids classes (Red for younger or perhaps new to our service children, and 2 Blue classes for primary aged children) as well as 2 Chills Skills classes (aimed at secondary aged Boys and Girls).

I have been a Relax Kids coach for over 3 years now and I still get so excited before every single class!

Seeing everyone enjoying themselves, having fun while learning very important skills gives me lots of happiness and reminds me how lucky I am to be able to be a positive part of someone else’s life and how my job enables me to do so.

I believe and I see how Relax Kids helps children and young people to build their confidence, improve their self-esteem and allows them to recognise and accept their emotions. I see the positive impact on children and young people’s concentration and how they become more positive and kind individuals.

I am so lucky that I can see children progressing…some through the years but also to keep on meeting new children and young people who join with a magic of Relax Kids with me.


I wish for myself and for everyone to always be worry free, kind and happy and I hope that I will get to share the experience of Relax Kids with everyone for many years to come…

If you would like to learn about the classes, check out the times they are on or book your young person in to a taster class, contact Maja on and she will be happy to help!


01738 451081

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