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Crieff Outreach Services - A Lifeline for Families

Our Outreach programme brings our PAS services to the rural areas of Pitlochry and Aberfeldy, Crieff and Blairgowrie. Our purpose is to avoid social isolation of the young people and their families who struggle to make it to Perth to access services and ensure families across Perthshire have an equitable access to services.

We are very proud of our Outreach programme, but we want you to hear about it from the ones who matter most: our young people, families, volunteers and outreach staff.

Every Wednesday, we want to bring to you our stories on what Outreach services mean for all of them.

So this week is the turn of one of our amazing parents. Accessing Crieff activities has meant that their young person has been able access support to develop social and communication skills on a more regular basis, as he has not had to overcome the barrier of travel to Perth. A consistent approach to skills development and regular family support means that the positive outcomes for this family and young person have been significantly increased and they remain as part of their local community.

This is what the young man's parent had to say:

"Our son (T) has been using the services and support of Perth Autism Support since his diagnosis 8 years ago. Our family life has changed dramatically in that time and PAS have played a crucial role in helping T cope with daily life.

Being able to offer Outreach facilities has enabled our son to participate in activities and more importantly being able to socialise with his peers in a safe, calm environment. T finds travelling quite difficult therefore going to Perth can be problematic. The ability to access the Outreach services allows are son to maintain social interaction and learn new life skills.

Since attending at Crieff he has grown as a person, is more confident and is willing to try new things for example this year he is going to Cooking Skills and as T has hypersensitivity the kitchen is normally a no go zone!! We have enjoyed trying the food he has made from enchiladas to carrot muffins, all were extremely delicious (no bias there!!). He has made new friends and is comfortable around all the staff and helpers and without the Crieff Outreach T would become more isolated as it is the only time he voluntarily wants to leave the house.

As well as all the support given to our children and young adults it enables us parents to have an hour or so when we aren’t on high alert waiting for something to happen. Being a parent of an autistic child can be quite lonely at times so chatting to parents who are in the same boat can be very relaxing.

Perth Autism Support Crieff Outreach is a vital service in helping our children live a life less stressful, more fulfilling and included.

Many thanks for listening"

Huge thank you to the parent for sharing their story and well done T,

we love seeing you on a weekly basis, and watching you grow into a confident, funny, talented young man!

For more information on our outreach activities, contact Anna and the team on Our Outreach programme is Supported by Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Programme 2014-2020.


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