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Short Breaks Service

We are delighted to offer through the Scottish Government's Better Breaks funding the chance to deliver 4 outdoor activities weekends per year, 3 for children with autism and 1 for their siblings.

Project Teen Ranch is a carefully planned and supported service for children with autism who are aged 10 and over to experience time away from the family home in a peer supportive environment supported on a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio with trained staff and volunteers.

What makes it different? Well we spend up to six months before the children go to camp to deliver fortnightly social activities in which the children can develop relationships with their fellow campers and staff to help alleviate amxiety when camp dates come round, during this time our Short Breaks Co-ordinator is also getting to know the child as in depth as possible, spending time to develop camp communication passports with the young person and their families and this information all helps the team to make the child's time away as successful as possible.  Our Short Breaks Coo-ordinator, also arranges pre camp visits where the children can see where they will be staying and see around the venue again  to help prepare and alleviate anxieties.  Parents attend a pre camp information night where they are given a full itinerary of what their child will be doing so the children are as prepared as possible, and a full menu of food is given to the parents, and no need to worry if there are any food issues, if you want to pack your own food for your child, that's completely fine as well!

The whole process is set up with the children in mind, we understand it can be a big challenge to go away from home (for the kids and parents!) and we have a fully supported structure to help support this.

For more information on our Short Breaks, contact our Short Breaks Co-ordinator, details of all staff can be found by clicking here or visitng our Our Team page.