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Outreach Services

At Perth Autism Support, we are aware that the large geographical area our Local Authority covers, can be a barrier to children and families accessing services in our centre in Perth City.  The impact of travelling, for example, from Highland Perthshire after a day at school for an hour activity in Perth then having the journey home, can break routines at home, be time consuming and expensive for families.

We are therefore delighted that we offer services not only from our base in Perth but in Aberfeldy, Pitlochry, Blairgowrie and Crieff..

Our Children's Services Manager has overall responsibility or the activities in outreach areas which means that services are the same no matter where they are delivered in Perth & Kinross, the activities are delivered and led by our Outreach Co-ordinator who is supported by Activities Assistants and volunteers, just like our Perth services, so you can be assured of the same standard of support and quality of services throughout the area.



For more information on our Outreach Services, contact our Outreach Co-ordinator, staff details can be found by clicking here or visiting the Our Team page.